June 13, 2015

Field Partners

Rev. Jose Luis Portillo – Executive Director, Proyecto Abrigo

Jose Luis_ProfileRev. Jose Luis Portillo is 1 of 10 children born and raised in Juarez, Mexico. He raised money for his family when he was a child by selling cigarettes and cigars on the streets of Juarez. He and his sister, Juana, received scholarships to go to Lydia Patterson Institute in El Paso, TX. There he learned English and heard God calling him to be a minister. He graduated from John Wesley Seminary in Monterrey, Mexico and was appointed to a church in Juarez. While he was there he invited volunteers to come and help build the church building. Those volunteers saw the people living in cardboard houses and asked how they might help. Through the help of Volunteers in Mission, Jose Luis began Operacion Hogar (Operation Home) in 1992 which used teams of volunteers from the United States to build concrete block houses for families living in cardboard houses. Most of the houses built are in Tierra Nueva, a community on the outskirts of Juarez. Jose Luis left Operacion Hogar in 1996 and founded Proyecto Abrigo, doing the same type of home building. Between these two organizations, Jose Luis has been responsible for building over 7000 houses since 1992.

Martín Lechuga – Associate Director, Proyecto Abrigo

Martin LechugaMartín Lechuga has been serving the people of Ciudad Juarez since 1991, first with Operacion Hogar and then with Proyecto Abrigo. He is the job site foreman and interpreter for US teams.  Martín graduated from John Wesley Seminary in Monterey, Mexico, before moving to Juarez.  Originally from Zacatecas, Mexico, he returns a few times a year to visit his parents.  He also enjoys traveling to other parts of Mexico in his free time.


Juana Portillo – Director, Family Ministries

Juana PortilloJuana Portillo

Alfredo Flores – Director, Angeles de Esperanza Medical Clinic

Alfredo & JuanaAlfredo Flores