“The Banality of Poverty”

Theres nothing romantic about working with the poor. Poverty is grindingly dull, banal, colorless. There are few true feel-good stories about poverty. Most of the poor in the world live simple, short, and desperate lives. Forget what you’ve heard about how the poor “seem so happy” and are “content with what little they have.” Don’t Read more about “The Banality of Poverty”[…]

“Becoming an Angel of Hope”

Over the New Year’s holiday I had the opportunity to travel once again to Juarez, Mexico to serve with Proyecto Abrigo. In a place that feels like home surrounded by people who feel like family, a conviction was placed on my heart. The Angeles de Esperanza (Angels of Hope) Medical Clinic has been a dream Read more about “Becoming an Angel of Hope”[…]

“Why We Return…”

Upon returning from Proyecto Abridgo and spending a week living in community there, I asked myself “Why is it that myself and others travel across the state of Texas again and again to Proyecto Abridgo and why is it such a life giving experience?” The answer may very well lie within this statement I heard Read more about “Why We Return…”[…]

“Fe Como Grano de Mostasa…”

I grew up going to a United Methodist Church that was heavily involved with Proyecto Abrigo. This church would send high school youth groups to Juarez to build homes for families. In middle school I would hear glory stories about how meaningful the trips were, about how the youth’s lives were changed through their experiences Read more about “Fe Como Grano de Mostasa…”[…]

“Supporting Sandra”

Suncreek United Methodist Church has been providing school scholarships for children through the Wesley Fundacion program for several years.  Juana Flores Portillo identifies children who are the greatest risk of not being able to attend school due to financial restraints.  When possible the students write us thank you letters and we receive updates on their Read more about “Supporting Sandra”[…]