“Becoming an Angel of Hope”

Over the New Year’s holiday I had the opportunity to travel once again to Juarez, Mexico to serve with Proyecto Abrigo. In a place that feels like home surrounded by people who feel like family, a conviction was placed on my heart.

The Angeles de Esperanza (Angels of Hope) Medical Clinic has been a dream for the community of Tierra Nueva for many years which has come to life through the ministry of Proyecto Abrigo! In a community where it once took sick and injured people a full day to travel back and forth to the hospital or emergency room, waiting for hours on public transportation, those who are in need now have access to a medical clinic right in their own back yard! In a community where those who were sick could rarely afford to purchase the expensive medicines prescribed to them by the doctors, they now have access to free and affordable medicines anytime they are in need! The people of Tierra Nueva now have access to the medical and dental care that they need, everything from dentists filling cavities and replacing chipped teeth to doctors and nurses treating the aches and pains of everyday illnesses, even offering prolotherapy to those suffering from extreme muscle pains! The standard of health and life has been raised in Tierra Nueva through the ministry of Angeles de Esperanza, reminding us that Christ calls us to care both for the spiritual and the physical wellbeing of others!

Over the past sixteen years I have watched the Clinic transform from a bare skeleton of four walls with no windows, doors, or a roof, filled with graffiti, to a complete building that has heat in the cold winters and AC in the hot summers. What began as a dream in the heart of a faithful few has now become a reality that serves an entire community, 75-200 patients each week! I have served building parts of the Clinic and the Clinic has even cared for me when I have fallen ill during extended stays in Juarez. But the conviction has been placed upon my heart that I must continue giving back and giving forward, helping this dream keep bursting into a living reality!

When patients come to the Clinic, they are asked to give a donation of 30 pesos, the equivalent of less than $3USD, only a portion of what it costs for the doctors to see each patient. On average the clinic spends $20 per patient, the cost of paying the doctors and nurses, in addition to providing medicines for the patient. In my life, my health insurance allows me to see a doctor for $20 when I get sick and then pick up my prescriptions for another $20. Many in Tierra Nueva don’t have this same luxury, but they can with the help and support of the Clinic! Therefore, I have made the decision to set aside $20 each month and send it to Proyecto Abrigo in support of the Clinic. $20 per month is less than what it costs me to get my haircut, $20 per month is less than the cost of what I spend on Sonic drinks over the course of two weeks, $20 per month is less than the cost of taking myself and a friend out for a nice dinner, $20 per month is a small drop in the bucket out of everything else I spend my money on each month.

I want to invite you to join with me – Will you prayerfully consider setting aside a financial gift each month to help provide healthcare for those in need? With Proyecto Abrigo’s online donation tools, giving is simple and easy! I have set up a monthly billing cycle which automatically drafts a $20 donation from my bank account each month, just like automatic bill pay with my utilities, cable/internet, and rent! This allows me to continue giving back to Proyecto Abrigo through supporting life-changing and transformational ministries like Angeles de Esperanza! Will you join me in becoming an angel of hope this year?

For more information on giving, visit: http://proyectoabrigo.org/ministries/donate/
For more information on Angeles de Esperanza, visit: http://proyectoabrigo.org/ministries/clinic/

“These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions…“As you go, proclaim the good news, ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. You received without payment; give without payment.”
–Matthew 10: 5-8

-Ricky Harrison, McMurry University