March 29, 2012


“The Banality of Poverty”
Forget what you’ve heard about how the poor “seem so happy” and are “content with what little they have.” Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the poor live some kind of purer, more innocent lives that are simple and somehow nobler than ours. Nobody really believes that; otherwise, there’d be a rush of people giving up their possessions to become poor.
-Rev. Wes Magruder (Kessler Park UMC / Dallas, TX)

“A Compassionate Response”
It has been about twenty years since I first saw Tierra Nueva. Then it was a desert, with a few houses made of cardboard and pallets. The largest structure was a church made entirely of pallets. There were no paved roads, running water, electricity, schools, and other services common to a community.
-Larry Cox (Juntos Servimos / Matamoros, MX)

“Becoming an Angel of Hope”
Over the past sixteen years I have watched the Clinic transform from a bare skeleton of four walls with no windows, doors, or a roof, filled with graffiti, to a complete building that has heat in the cold winters and AC in the hot summers. What began as a dream in the heart of a faithful few has now become a reality that serves an entire community, 75-200 patients each week! I have served building parts of the Clinic and the Clinic has even cared for me when I have fallen ill during extended stays in Juarez. But the conviction has been placed upon my heart that I must continue giving back and giving forward, helping this dream keep bursting into a living reality!
-Ricky Harrison (McMurry University / Abilene, TX)

“Why We Return”
Often times we have grandiose thoughts that we are “blessed” with an abundance of things, luxurious lifestyles, financial stability, and an overall comfort in life that few in the world are able to enjoy. Yet, the truth is we are people who are entrapped, distracted, held hostage, and held captive by these things and idols. The truth is that the families we were building homes for are the ones living with abundant life. They are the ones with true faith. They are the ones who know true love. They are the ones who know true happiness.
-Ryan Klinck (Texas A&M Commerce Wesley Foundation / Commerce, TX)

“Fe Como Grano de Mostasa…”
The change that Juarez is undergoing cannot be ignored by Christians simply because of images that the media has been feeding us. Juarez is changing, and so our hearts and our minds about Juarez need to be changing as well. I’m reminded of the Genesis creation story: “Now no shrub had yet appeared on the earth and no plant had yet sprung up, for the Lord God had not sent rain on the earth and there was no one to work the ground, but streams came up from the earth and watered the whole surface of the ground. Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” In case you missed it, the “man” here is Juarez. God has is breathing life back into Proyecto Abrigo, but God needs us to be there to see it happen.
-Drew Marshal (FUMC Denton / Denton, TX)

Supporting Sandra
The greatest joy we have had is the opportunity to sponsor Sandra, the daughter of Ernesto.  Ernesto was a much beloved maestro that worked for Proyecto Abrigo for many years.  Members of the Suncreek teams dearly loved Ernesto and were very saddened by his death.   It was a great honor when Jose Luis asked us to sponsor her so she could continue her education.  She is doing very well in school and is a delightful young lady.  Her dad would be so proud! Sponsoring children through the school scholarship program is an inexpensive way to help the wonderful children of Mexico continue their education and ensure a chance of a better and brighter future…
-Janet Hunt (Suncreek UMC / Allen, TX)

Welcome Back…
I came home from college for winter break a few days before Christmas, but
thankfully, it wasn’t the only homecoming I got to have this winter. For the
first time since Memorial Day weekend of the year 2010, I was able to go back
to my other home…
-Rosie Curts (Greenland Hills UMC / Dallas, TX)

Nava Family