November 13, 2012

Kingswood Educational Cooperative

Breaking Ground for the First Foundation

Kingswood Walls

The walls of the first three rooms of Stage 1

On Jan. 14, 2015 Larry Cox and a team from Juntos Servimos began construction of the foundation for the first building Kingswood Educational Cooperative.

Stage 1 of this first building will house 3 classrooms that will be a part of the Susanna Wesley Children’s Center.  The Children’s Center will provide one room for a “wrap around school” concept that will help 1st graders stay current with reading and math tutoring.  “Kayla’s Room” will provide instruction and support for younger children with special needs.  The third room will be used to teach ESL to children and youth during the day and allow for adult instruction in ESL at night.  Estimated construction costs: $48,000.

As of April 15, 2015 the initial walls of the first 3 rooms of Stage 1 are up.  $14,000 was raised and spent so far in the construction.  We are seeking additional funding to complete the concrete ceiling of the 3 rooms.

A Compassionate Response

Larry Cox & Rev. Jose Luis Portillo: a 25+ year friendship a mission to serve others.

Stage 2 will add a kitchen and a cafeteria, a fourth classroom, restrooms for children and adults, and a Center for Older Adults to receive some light exercise, instruction, recreation, socialization, and other significant needs for the elderly in the community.  The kitchen/cafeteria will serve one hot meal per day for each child and adult involved in any of the programs.  It will also provide a place to teach all ages about healthy food and cooking for life-long health.  Estimated construction costs: $58,000.

Stage 3 will add 6 elementary classrooms on the second floor allowing for a private Primeria (elementary school) to be established for the community.  There will be one classroom per grade, grades 1-6.  Estimated construction costs: $60,000.

Juntos Servimos Mural

Initially, there will be additional costs to furnish each room for it’s appropriate function.  Beyond that, additional funds will be needed each semester for supplies.  We also seek on-going donations for salaries for teachers, cooks, custodians, security, and administration.  Our hope is that donations from the community will cover the costs of the food for the daily meals for children and the elderly.

For more information about the long-term plans for the school or to volunteer to serve as a long term missionary to help with construction, teaching, nutrition, social work, etc. please contact Charles W. Harrison charles(at)mcyouth(dot)org  Charles is the President of the Kingswood Educational Cooperative and currently serves as the Board Chair of Proyecto Abrigo.

Photos of Kingswood Construction

Dreams for Kingswood


“My dream is for Kingswood to be an educational institution that will contribute to the whole formation (shalom) of children and youth, as part of a multicultural nation that will respond to the social needs of their community with a quality education, where they can participate in the construction of a culture of peace.” 
-Juana Portillo



Future Buildings for Kingswood:

Building #1 Floor Plan

The Floor Plans for Building #1: Stages 1 & 2

Kindergarten- Jardin de Ninos
Build a stand-alone building with restrooms for children and adults.  First floor would provide space for 20-40 children.  Second floor would provide 2 apartments for teachers to live in.  Estimated cost for the first floor building: $25,000

Elementary School – Primeria
The construction of Stage 1 of this building has already begun!

Junior High School – Secondaria
Build a stand alone building with restrooms for youth and teachers.  First floor would provide 6 classrooms and second floor would provide 4 classrooms and 2 administrative offices.  Estimated cost for the first floor: $58,000

High School – Prepatoria
Build a stand alone building with restrooms for youth and teachers.  First floor would provide 6 classrooms and second floor would provide 4 classrooms and 2 administrative offices.  Estimated cost of the first floor: $58,000

Meeting Hall –
Build a single large room facility between the Junior and Senior High buildings to be used by the school and for community meetings.  This might possibly be an open air facility.  Estimated cost of an open air facility: $20,000

Adult Bible School & Seminary –
The current plan would be to utilize the classrooms of the High School in the evenings for an adult Bible college and the beginnings of a Seminary teaching theology in the Wesleyan tradition.

*The estimated initial construction costs do not cover all of the costs to make each building operational/functional. The constructions costs may vary greatly from the initial estimates over time as the costs of materials/supplies fluctuate significantly with the economy of Mexico. We will update anticipated construction costs on a regular basis.