August 15, 2012

Georgia Harrison Vocational School

Vocational School

Sewing Classes

Several sewing machines are available for use at the Vocational School. Classes are held to teach people how to use sewing machines to make everything from school uniforms for children to stitched bandanas to sell at the church. The profits from these sales help support the congregational ministries of Nuevo Pacto and Sublima Gracia.

Computer Lab

The computer lab offers many benefits to the people of Tierra Nueva. People may take computer literacy classes, students may use the lab to do homework and research online, and printers are also available to make hard copies of school research papers. The lab has several working computers and printers, but is always in need of additional hardware.

Music Lessons

Guitars, drums, keyboards, trumpets and other instruments have been donated and allowed children to take music lessons at the Vocational School. Many wonderful musicians live in Tierra Nueva and work together to bring beautiful music to the community. These musicians perform at the church services and at various community gatherings.

Donating Supplies to the Vocational School

The Vocational School is always in need of additional supplies. If you would like to donate working sewing machines, thread, computers, monitors, printers, mouse and keyboards, guitars, keyboards, or any other equipment to the School, please see the donations page on the Proyecto Abrigo site.