August 21, 2012

News Articles

“Mission Teams Glad to be Back in Juarez” – This March 2015 article by the United Methodist News Services highlights a mission team from Suncreek UMC who has returned to Proyecto Abrigo.

“Ciudad Juarez, a Border City Known for Killing, Gets Back to Living” – This December 2013 article by The New York Times gives insight into the resurgence of life and light within Ciudad Juarez.

“Juarez, Mexico’s Onetime Murder Capital is Making a Comeback” – This November 2013 article by World News NBC details the statistics of the decline in violence from 2010-2013 and tells stories of new life that is coming back into Juarez!

“Juarez Shedding Violent Image, Statistics Show” – This article by CNN gives insight into the rapidly dropping homicide rate in Juarez. The end of 2012 welcomed the close of a year with the fewest killings the city has ever seen since violence escalated in 2007.

“Christmas Mission Trips Give New Meaning to ‘Giving'” – This article from the Abilene Reporter News includes an interview with McMurry University student Ricky Harrison regarding the team he lead to Proyecto Abrigo in January 2013. This was the first team to be hosted at Proyecto Abrigo in over two years.

“In Mexico’s Murder City, The War Appears Over” – This Washington Post article highlights a decrease in the violence in Ciudad Juarez, including a 56% drop in homicides from 2011-2012.

“Mission Interrupted: Juarez Tension Puts Outreach on Hiatus” – This April 2010 article from the United Methodist Reporter reflects on the way that Proyecto Abrigo and Lidia Patterson have been affected on both sides of the border by violence in Juarez.