October 28, 2014

Packing List

Work Stuff *
(*Work stuff will get very dirty with cement, etc. Bring clothes and shoes to work in!)
Chaz_Larry2014~2 pairs of work pants (worn more than once)
~T shirts (one for each day)
~Work shoes
~Hat (floppy, wide brim recommended)
~Leather work gloves (must be thick)
~2 bandanas
~Backpack for worksite (water, gloves, etc)
~Water bottle (refillable)
~Anti-bacterial wipes & gel

Other Clothes
~1 nice outfit worship on Tuesday & Sunday: (nice jeans are OK)
~Several pairs: non-work pants/shorts
~Play shoes (to wear when not working)

Familia NavaFor the Dorm
Towel and washcloth
~Toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc)
~Nose gel (optional: for dry nose)
~Shower shoes/flip flops
~4 rolls of toilet paper
~Sleeping bag or sheets and blanket

Passport (*Required for re-entry into the U.S.)
~Playing cards
~Money: Offering in church & Drinks at the worksite ($1s & $5s)
~Medications (in original bottle)
~Pepto Bismol (optional: take 2/meal as preventative)
~Immodium tablets
~Snacks (pack in ziplock bags)
~Hot chocolate, tea or coffee bags
~Packaged snack foods (bring zip locks for opened foods)

Do Not Bring…
Anything valuable
~Electronics/expensive camera (Remember, you will be in an extremely dusty/sandy desert environment, with extreme temperatures in the winter & summer)
~Tobacco or alcohol (or anything advertising these products)