“Supporting Sandra”

Suncreek United Methodist Church has been providing school scholarships for children through the Wesley Fundacion program for several years.  Juana Flores Portillo identifies children who are the greatest risk of not being able to attend school due to financial restraints.  When possible the students write us thank you letters and we receive updates on their progress. When you travel to build a home or work in the clinic, it can also be arranged for you to spend time with the student you are sponsoring through this ministry.

The greatest joy we have had is the opportunity to sponsor Sandra, the daughter of Ernesto.  Ernesto was a much beloved maestro that worked for Proyecto Abrigo for many years.  Members of the Suncreek teams dearly loved Ernesto and were very saddened by his death.   It was a great honor when Jose Luis asked us to sponsor her so she could continue her education.  She is doing very well in school and is a delightful young lady.  Her dad would be so proud!

Sponsoring children through the school scholarship program is an inexpensive way to help the wonderful children of Mexico continue their education and ensure a chance of a better and brighter future.  Due to the extreme poverty, many families have to choose which of their children will receive an education and which ones will stay home.  In America we take our education system for granted and we forget that not everyone has the opportunity to receive an education.  The school sponsorship program will touch your life in many ways and provide a hope and a future for beautiful children in Mexico!

-Janet Hunt, Suncreek United Methodist Church