“Why We Return…”

Upon returning from Proyecto Abridgo and spending a week living in community there, I asked myself “Why is it that myself and others travel across the state of Texas again and again to Proyecto Abridgo and why is it such a life giving experience?”

The answer may very well lie within this statement I heard again and again from the groups who were building homes for our brothers and sisters. ” They have so little, but they are so happy. We have so much, but we are not.”

Often times we have grandiose thoughts that we are “blessed” with an abundance of things, luxurious lifestyles, financial stability, and an overall comfort in life that few in the world are able to enjoy. Yet, the truth is we are people who are entrapped, distracted, held hostage, and held captive by these things and idols.

The truth is that the families we were building homes for are the ones living with abundant life. They are the ones with true faith. They are the ones who know true love. They are the ones who know true happiness.

What we realize when we go there to Juarez, Mexico is that we are not happy, we are not fulfilled within our souls, and that the people there have so much more to teach us about The Way to abundant life rather than the way of abundant things.

So we go again and again to learn, heal, and be transformed by them there because despite all of our “knowledge” about the faith, we really do not see clearly. We realize, while we are there, that we are much more like the Pharisees and the Sadducees who study the word with discipline, pray daily, and theologically discuss significant matters; but completely miss and reject Christ who is right in front of them. We become humbled and realize that we have much, so much to learn from those that the world considers ‘poor’, ‘in need’, and ‘with nothing.’

They have everything, while we have next to nothing. This is why we continue to return there. To fill our hearts with love, our souls with hope and inspiration, and to wake up from the slumber of indifference towards our brothers and sisters. We come back home to live in new understanding and new life.

Peace be with you all

– Ryan Klinck, Texas A&M Wesley Foundation / FUMC Commerce